Do I have ADHD or not?

I have so many ADHD symptoms. I zone out a lot, i find it hard to focus on small tasks, I can't stay still in one place when i am bored, I can't study at all and I end up doing other things, I sometimes have to reread a certain passage or question in order to understand what I am asked to do. Sometimes, when i am excited, I can't stay still and I get very impatient, and I find it hard to do things that i don't like. I have troubles finishing tasks. I go halfway through them then I move up to the next task. Sometimes when I am reading a book that I love, i can get sooo excited that I need to put the book down and take a deep breath and calm down my eagerness and i still can't get through the book. It happens whenever i m doing an effort.
Also, sometimes i read fast that i end up adding words or seeing words differently (i don't have dyslexia by the way, i just see words differently when i am reading an exciting book or passage and i assume how the sentence would be instead of reading it).

However, I have symptoms that contradict with ADHD; when I am under stress, I find it hard to do things (e. g. if I am doing a test and I have little time left, I can't focus on what I am writing and my brain stops from working, so I lose focus and I end up writing sentences that make no sense or repeating words) and I am very lazy and I don't have a lot of energy. Also, I have anxiety and I am an introvert.

What do i have? I am very confused. It might be my anxiety, right? Or is it ADHD? Or is it that i am lazy or slow?


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  • Some of the things you describe are ADHD symptoms. You don't have to be hyperactive to suffer from ADHD (a bit confusing, I know, but that's how it is). There are also primarily inattentive variants.

    There isn't a real test for ADHD (you can do the TOVA test, but it's not a very good one). You'll just have to describe your symptoms to a doctor, and then try various ADHD medications to see if they work.

    I strongly advice you to do this ASAP and take treatment seriously if it helps. Otherwise, it's like you're crippling yourself.

    • my mother thinks i am lazy but it is hard to explain to her that i just simply CAN'T do it.
      i try my best, i motivate myself. but once i read the first page (that is if i can GET through it), i feel very distracted and i zone out and then i get frustrated.
      my mother gets angry with me because she thinks it makes no sense. i can be productive, i am just being lazy. but am i?

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    • Hope it works out :)

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  • it might be ADHD, but it could also be anxiety, because when u r anxious, you may not realize that most of ur brain is focusing on what ur anxious about

    • but am i slow or lazy?

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    • oh, ok. u could also listen to music

    • ooooh i do that all the time! not to a particular band, but i do listen a lot

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  • same with me I don't know if i have adhd tho, i just get distracted easily

    • i zone out a lot and i always feel the need to talk and i try my best not to interrupt people.

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    • yeh same with me. i just read shit then i ask my friends what happens lol

    • yes. i know. sometimes i feel so stupid. ike... i can't read that. what does it even mean?

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