Why do people get so offended by this?

When someone is making an anecdote and includes the gender/race/general background of a person... why do people get so offended and say stuff like "(gender/race/background) is irrelevant"?

It is definitely relevant, and we're obviously not picking on said person because of it... it's just a handy thing to know so we can create an image in our heads.


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  • Because most of those types of questions are posted by either misandrists, misogynists or racists that are bitter and have a chip on their shoulder. They don't want to hear the truth, all they want to do is rant and be sexist and racist and if you disagree with their views they turn to personal insults. Not everyone that posts that kind of question is like that but most of them are.

    • It's fucking ridiculous OK?

      You're preventing genuine people, like me, from telling stories and asking valid questions just because a bunch of kooks?

    • Don't blame me!! I am only saying why it happens!!! That is the honest truth of why it happens.

  • They are hypersensitive about those things to broadcast they are good politically correct liberals.

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