Do you think someone who doesn't know you well owes you anything?

Like if you like a guy, and he likes another girl, he should eb sensitive to your feelings too?


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  • I think in that case the guy should not feel in any way obligated to date the girl. However, he should be sensitive to the girls feelings when it comes to letting her know he is not interested. Girls should also be the same to men. It is not acceptable for a guy or a girl to let someone know they are not interested in the most mean and nasty way they can.

    • Yeah. I agree with this.

    • Yeah, I mean to go out of your way to reject someone in the most nasty and mean way you can just means the person is a douchebag or a bitch.

    • So yes I agree with you. I had a girl dump me by text when I had been around at her house that day which I thought was lame and showed she lacked guts.

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  • He doesn't have to, no. I know that sounds harsh but if he doesn't like you then he isn't going to go out of his way (hopefully) to lead you on while pursuing some other girl he's interested in.

    • No I wouldn't expect him to either. I mean like being careful about my feelings.

      Not ignoring me while going gaga over the other girl when I'm right there.

    • Well unfortunately he may, a lot of people seem to have a one track mind when it comes to people they're interested in.

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  • If you're being a bitch to someone because you like someone else, yes, you shouldn't do that.


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