He confuses me?

ok so one of my friends he's always saying he likes my necklace (he says that but he's talking about my breast) and usually he says things similar to me or make sexual remarks and today at lunch he kept like squeezing my thigh but only like by my knee area and a little bit higher what im confusded about is like he knows i like him but when i asked him if he liked me he said no and I don't know with what he dose it messes with me but this is also the first time something like this has happned so I don't know what to think

recently he's started honging out with this girl at our school and dosent even talk to me anymore all he says is hi to me in the hall way its like im not even his friend anymore

its gone from that to this now i dont know how to deal with this anymore because the more he ignores me the more i feel like i did somwthing wrong and depressed


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  • The problem here is that he probably doesn't know himself. At that age, young guys hormones fluctuate so much that they have a hard time knowing what they want, or what to do, and their mind can change really fast. Which, unfortunately, makes it even more confusing for girls that are also dealing with hormones and not knowing what things mean.

    Looking at your breasts and commenting on your necklace, and making sexual remarks, and finding ways to physically touch you, are all signs of some form of interest on his part. But he may not know what kind of interest it is, which makes it really hard for you to know what's going on. He may feel like he wants to touch you one day, but not think that he wants to actually date you, but then another day he may want to just be your friend, and another day he may actually think that if he did want to date someone, you may be a good choice. I mean, his mind can fluctuate like that hour-to-hour, not just day-to-day, making it really hard for you to read his intentions, because there are no real intentions. He is just sort of winging it, going with what his body tells him to do at any given minute.

    What is important for you is to think about is what YOU want. If his commentary, or his physical contact, is not wanted, then you need to tell him to stop. If you are ok with the comments, but feel uncomfortable with him grabbing your thighs, you should definitely say something. Since you like him, it can be easy to sort of let things slide, to just let him do things or say things, but if he is giving you such mixed messages, it's not going to really help either of you. He needs to sort out in his head how he thinks about you. And so you need to make him make that kind of decision. He can't be talking to you in a sexual manner if he doesn't 'like' you. That's not cool. He can't be grabbing your leg if he doesn't like you. You are not just a piece of meat for him to experiment with while he figures stuff out. You are a person with thoughts and feelings and desires, and his indecision is making things hard for you. Which isn't cool.

    I think you are right to feel confused. He is acting one way, and telling you something that seems different. It is confusing behaviour, and your confusion is justified. But the only way to clear it up is to stop him from getting away with behaviour that crosses the line. Make him make the decision to flirt with you or not. Don't let it be such a fuzzy, hazy mess.

    • thanks what u said has helped me quite a bit

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    • I hear that. Brace yourself. They will get even more confusing for the next ten years or so. By their late 20s their prefrontal cortex will have finished developing and they will finally start to make some sense. Until then it's safer to either stick with women, or just understand that most guys thinking is going to be "I don't know what I want... but it probably involves sex..." :p

    • lol oh wow

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