Do you think you'll be able to learn/do this dance :o?

I'm trying to learn this dance, I don't know why attempt because I can't dance anyways lmao, I don't know about the twerking part though :P


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  • I think you can do it!
    There aren't any ridiculous "woah, how do they do that moves" that make it impossible. I feel like you can do it if you work at it.

    I would treat this like practicing music though: Start slowly and work your way up. You want to do it at a slow tempo where you have control and you can perfect it. Then, once corrected at that tempo, go a little faster and perfect it then. Keep working at it with incrementing tempos until you are full speed and solid.

    If you just try full tempo immediately and hope to practice it until success, you will be shakey on it and it will just lead to mistakes and frustration.

    I also suggest going in front of a mirror to practice. That way you can see what you did wrong. The key to dancing is to do the full dance move (not half assing it) while doing it on tempo and fluidly. The mirror will help guide you.

    Like I said though, I think you can get it if you work at it :)


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  • Ya the majority is relatively straightforward


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