What is an effective cleaning system when living with multiple people?

I live with 3 other female adults (family) and my middle sister can't be bothered to pick up whatever needs to be without causing chaos by yelling and making excuses, and the youngest teen adult comes and goes but leaves massive messes.
I'm the OCD (actually OCD) one who gets pissed off when I feel compelled to go on cleaning sprees that seem to never stay clean for more than a day or two.
We have a dishes rotation but it sucks ass when one person doesn't clean up after cooking or doesn't scrub off the food on the pots before putting it in the sink, so they put an inch of water in it and leave it on the stove for the next person.
Do you know that I had to make a sign above the sink saying "DO NO PUT FOOD IN SINK"? We have no garbage disposal.
No one followed it because I'm just the one being a dick. I'm ranting.

What is an effective cleaning system to have for a household rather than a chore rotation? Chore rotations cause issues because things pile up from the previous person and it causes resentment. Thanks in advanced, y'all!


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  • Honestly, their dishes.. and their mess, put them in their room, no one wants dirty stuff in their room so this way it will show them they'll have to clean up after themselves. That's all I can think of because signs and chore lists won't work x

    • I came up with the idea a loOooOoOOoOong time ago to have each person clean their own dish and they treated me like a dick for suggesting it. Tonight I'm just yelling. There were 4 pots with food scraps my dramatic sister left for me after she cashed the food. I'm just going to raise hell everytime because I refuse to clean up after adults like this - I don't want to live in a dirty home - it makes my anxiety go off the charts.

    • I can only imagine it's frustrating because you aren't he maid and it's kind of gross how other people can not care about living in filth!

    • Exactly and thing is, the house isn't filthy per se, but it could be if I didn't stop the madness :\ I'm at my wits end...