If you could trade your life and body for a random new one would you?

If you could go to a store and simply trade in your life for a new one would you? You could end up as anyone if it were random... would you take the chance?


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  • Noo; I'm a very privileged person. I'm a white woman in the UK, from a well off family, attending one of the best universities in the world, I'm healthy, I've never had a job and yet I have money to buy the things I need and want, I have access to this wonderful thing called the internet which allowed me to meet my best friend (ie. the guy I'm in love with). I'm not switching, nopety nope :')


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  • No way, then I'd have to get all new clothes, well then again the new clothes might not be so bad after all! I'm happy with the bod I've got now!


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