Can faith and prayers bring him back to me?

I recently broke up with my boyfriend because he said he doesn't see any future for us. He doesn't have feelings for me anymore. He saw that I was getting attached to him and he didn't want to hurt me more in the future by giving me more hope that it would last etc. I feel like he didn't give me enough time to prove that it'd be okay between us and that our relationship would grow. Because everything was perfect, there was never a fight, we could get along so well, we had the same interests and beliefs etc. I feel like he rushed a bit into it ( I forced him a bit too because I told him that if he was going to break up with me, he didn't need to wait more days and do it directly to minimize my pain) even though he said he had thought about it for some time. Of course I didn't send him a text to beg him to reconsider it and take me back. I was okay with it. It's been 5 days. But now I realize I'm not really okay and I'd love to be back together with him. I had this crazy idea this morning of starting to pray for it. I've always been a believer in God and my faith already helped me in the past to succeed what I wanted so I thought why not give it a shot. This might seem crazy to people who don't believe but I want to. And I don't want to give up on that so easily because it means the world to me. Did some of you already do the same? Did it work? What were the prayers you used and how much time did it take? I'm a strong believer it could work if I try. Please don't consider me as crazy but God and my faith are the only things that I can think of that could bring him back now. Please don't answer if you cannot give me a serious answer of if you want to insult me and tell me I'm a fool. xx


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  • I think a text would be quicker... To your ex boyfriend that is. Ask to talk things over or something.
    I mean sure you can go pray for the next view weeks or months but he ain't going to hear that.
    So why not text him?

    • Don't know if this is going to be posted anonymously but I take a risk and well it's okay I guess if you know who I am in the end. I don't know I want him to text me back. I want him to realize it. I'd feel very weak to come back to him and beg him to reconsider it. I don't have any news from him since we broke up so I don't have any idea about how he feels. Asking him can bring me a positve answer but he might also think I'm completely crazy and that I can't let go. I'm scared to do more wrong than right and to get hurt even more.

    • I get what you're feeling, it is scary. But look at it like this, you've already lost him so what else have you got to lose?
      But hey if you think praying will be better for you than by all means stick with that.
      I'm not religious so to me that is just like talking to air and expecting something to come from it but if it helps you and makes you feel like if nothing happens then it is not Gods will for the two of you to be together or if something does happen then it must be Gods will... Then by all means.

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  • If you want to think you're doing something while clearly not, sure you can pray as much as you think.
    If you want to actually solve this issue the only way to do so is by speaking to the man yourself.
    Praying is the way one pretends to solve a problem, or hopes that some almighty being will solve their own petty problem for them, like some Homeric epic.

    • What if I do more wrong than right, scare him even more and confirm him in his decision? On the other hand because I don't have any news it might solve the problem. But I don't want to look weak. I don't know what to chose. I want him to come back on his own

    • Just take a chance and whatever happens you will learn from it. Praying is not going to solve the issues you are talking about here. Only communication will.

  • Of course God will Answer you he did for me. But God may not think he's the guy for you and will not bring him back into your life again. Maybe he will maybe he won't but he will listen to your prayers

    • I hope he will... and bring him back at the same time!

    • Pray about it and Good Luck

  • Nnnnnnnnnnnnnnope.


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