Can't sleep already for 3 nights?

Lately i can't sleep good and deep...
3 days ago i slept only for 1 hour, and then had to go to airport, the next night i slept not deep for about 4 hours, wanted to sleep ver much at the end of the day, but last night i didn't sleep again. Only not deep sleep for 2 hours...
Want to sleep so much now, but can't...
What do u think happening with me?


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  • Maybe you should go see a doctor.

    • I am abroad now, so i can't

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    • No, time zone is same, its not far at all... it somth else, not a time zone)

    • Maybe it's really something health wise.

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  • Im kinda going through the same thing except i love my food and i have been eating... lets say nothing really since Sunday