Why did my boss do this?

This lady hired me as an intern and said she would review my work after three month period.

During the internship, I tried to engage as much as I could by asking questions when given orders in order to learn yet her responses were often "I'm busy, please work it out yourself" so she was not very engaging.

She owed me money as I had to go buy her milk and she first told me in our interview that she would reimburse me with travel costs. I mentioned that to her today (a month later) she signed it and gave me the money.

Later that day, she said to me "I'm sorry, you've been great but I don't have the time to teach you. I find you often ask questions and with Christmas creeping up, I don't have the time. I thought you might be moving at the end of the year (I'm a foreigner and I don't know where she got that assumption from) so it's not worth it"


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  • Sounds like she wants someone better able to tackle issues on their own without micromanagement, but that's not you.


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