How to know if your goodlooking?

I have gotten told i'm goodlooking quite a lot BUT the odd time people have said i was average looking like this one time an old lady said "your no bradley cooper" meaning like im average looking. which one is true? I feel like one negative comment about my appearence is the true one


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  • No one can tell you which one is "true", because everyone has a different opinion. One person could think it's "true" that you're not attractive while another person could think it's "true" that you ARE attractive! Not everyone will see you the same way so you can't judge yourself based on what other people think.


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  • you're always going to get mixed results unless you're attractive in societal standings, the ratio will then be in your favor, but still there is one person out there who will think you're not all that. don't take it to heart man.

    • Ok so like if more people say your goodlooking and less people say your average does that mean your universally attractive?

    • short answer: yes

    • ok thanks

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  • called average or goodlooking , u should be happy for both
    at least, you know you are not ugly

  • Everyone is gonna have a different opinion. One person thinks your hot to them and the other thinks you're just ok. What matters is your personality.


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