Please r there any more nigerians on gags?

Part nigerian. I have dual citizenship. Nigeria and America. I met only one nigerian on gags. I want to know if they r more.


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  • I'm not Nigerian, but apparently I'm heir to a Nigerian prince and just waiting for my $5000 check before the bank will release my millions.

    • U said, u r da heir to a nigerian that makes u a nigerian

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    • @Asker United States

      Everyone with an email account in the United States has had dozens of scam attempts from people in Nigeria. I was just making a joke in reference to the scam because it is so famous here unfortunately it is the first thing Americans often think of when hearing Nigeria.

      Here's a description of the scam by the US government if you would like to read more.

    • @JoeCensored I totally agree with u. Nigerians r highly corrupt

  • Yo my parents are from Nigeria so I'm first gen :D

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