Two questions! Multiple question time?

Okay, i have two questions! now the first one is all abotu career movement, i really want to join the royal navy, but i'm not entirely sure if i should, i've only wanted to for three days now, and it's been something thats been on my mind for a good year or so now, i'd want to be a marine engineer on a ship (works on the hull, engines and all ship systems) but until a few days ago my career prospects have been extremely hazy, i've thought about being a game developer, engineer, politician etc. i've looked into the job, and would likely take an apprenticeship with them. i love travelling, and the sea, and engineering, which is why the navy came to mind, but i've been studying at art college for 2 months now, i'm doing well, and i've been considering just joining after college. but never mind, what do you all think? should i joing right away now, and ditch art college, should i finish art college and then go, or should i just not bother with the navy at all? (this is where the super anti-navy people come out to play)

Two questions! Multiple question time!?

Next and lasat question, this is somethign i'm ALWAYS curious about, and i think everyone does even though they're afraid to ask because of the hatred that follows. so without futher delay:


(sorry, my webcam is a little iffy)
so thanks for stopping by, please leave comments in the comment section and not dotted around the page, i've talked to the cleaners and they really don't like it when you guys do that, so just be respectful to them. Peace!


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  • Make sure when you sign up you will get the job of your choice. Most militaries will assign you wherever they want if they have too many people going for that position.

    • seems to be that the Royal navy is greatly advertising engineering jobs at the moment, which makes me think they're short on engineers

    • @Asker it might but might not. The US Airforce for example makes it look like everyone who joins is going to be a fighter pilot. But they have plenty of those, it is just a good recruiting tool. Once you sign up you can't back out even when you find out you're assigned to drive the truck they use to clean latrines.

    • i recon i can get to be a navy engineer, our navy's short on personnel anyway at the moment

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