Question for US citizens/Americans only: Will this completely harm my chances of renewing my Axxess Medical plan Health insurance?

For the past 4 months of my spending report that I've read through my bank account, a lot of the spending (through my debit card) were on shopping (video games, electronic parts, etc.) and then food being a close 2nd then the rest for my college class monthy bills and credit card bills. I always save up some of my money and pay all my bills on time. I make $10.31 per hour working only 19 hours per week in my current part-time job. Right now, I have to provide my gross income or W-4 form of some sort to my insurer through fax by November 20th. Tomorrow, I'll go to my HR/Payroll building to go ask for a 4 month report of my salary income from them.

I'm feeling a little stressed and worried about whether or not I'll be eligible for my Axxess Medical Plan to be renewed, especially considering how bad and ridiculously expensive the healthcare system is here in the US.

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  • I can't find any info on Axxess Medical. Is this a state implementation of medicaid, employer provided insurance, a university program, or private subsidized insurance?

  • I get benefits through my job, but I know it is costly buying it on your own, I think your worried that you make to much to get the right plan but you don't make a lot so maybe you will get help through other ways of the Obama healthcare plan

    • Well right now, I'm still a pretty young college-aged guy trying to transfer from community college to college so I don't pay many bills right now (for my cell phone and auto insurance bills). Don't know if that's a useful factor to my issue for my insurer.

    • I doubt it, it just means you have some money for your self, you could probably find out more if you ask the main office in college about that, you don't make much and your in school so there must be some affordable health plans for you

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