If someone asked about their appearance, would your advice depend on their age?

I'm asking because once I posted a picture my body without mentioning my age (14) and people had no problems saying their honest opinions, based on some people's responses I think they thought I was 16 or 17.
But another question I asked about my body again (yes I'm really insecure) with different pictures and I actually mentioned my age and instead people sent me long paragraphs on how I shouldn't worry about my body and I didn't get any negative opinions like I did the first time.
Do you think it was because of my age? If so why tell younger girls not to be insecure but not older girls?


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  • I think some of it is because at 14 you're still growing and developing so much that it's really no indication of what the final outcome will be. Appearances can be awkward at that age, because different things are growing at different rates, so proportions can be awkward and whatnot. It would be like... hmm... What's a good comparison that would make sense...
    Okay, it would be like if you went to the factory where they make cars, and you saw a car that was halfway through production. No hood, no trunk, no doors, no interior, no bumpers, no lights... Just the frame, the suspension components, the basic shell of the car with an engine in it and a bunch of loose wires hanging out. Could you say whether or not the car is a good looking car?
    It's not finished yet, so it's hard to tell... Once it's assembled and ready to roll off the assembly line, it's much easier to say for sure if the car looks good or not.

    Hopefully that example makes sense.

    The other element that comes in to play is that people might be more willing to comment on a 17 year old girls appearance and look at her in a different way than a 14 year old girl... Those are a big 3 years, makes a lot of difference...


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  • Yeah, some people feel uncomfortable rating younger girls...

  • Yep I won't even answer if they are under 18 cause its inappropriate


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