Is this considered cheating? (In an academic way)?

In college, most professors typically offer the same type of tests from semester to semester. Students pass their notes and tests down to their friends after they pass the class.

From semester to semester, the tests are the same format and the same material is covered, but there are different questions and numbers on the test. The problems are also rearranged.

You still have to know how to do the work and solve the problems. You also have to know how to solve different types of problems if they were to be on the test.

Do you consider this cheating or well preparing yourself for the test?

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  • I think this is just a great way to prepare for the test
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Eh, it can be seen as cheating if you write down the answers and bring them to class but if you're using it as a study guide I don't see an issue with it.

    • Completely agree. Though I've found that it does give me an "edge" on the test because I know basically 90% of what's going to be on it. But so does everyone else who does the same as me

Most Helpful Guy

  • Cheating isnbad mmkay if you do it your bad mmkay. I don't think that's cheating though. You're really only cheating yourself in college because you need to know that shit. It isn't highschool where you can get away with not knowing shit

    • Mmkay Mr. Mackey. I actually find that this method helps me retain the information. It's kind of like being allowed to use a cheat sheet and writing everything down on it, but then when you come to the test, you realized you actually learned from all of the stuff you put on the cheat sheet.. If that makes sense!

    • Yeah I'm in college too and one thing a lot of professors get is that in the real world you have all the formulas/equations etc at the palm of your hands so a lot of them are just like fuck it make a cheat sheet if you want

    • Yeah and also if you need help, you go and seek help from a buddy or coworker in the real world. You're not going to mess things up all because you *forgot* how to do something.

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