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  • Obviously, this won't apply to every guy but it's entertaining to try and apply it to my one:

    1. He doesn't like being the little spoon because it doesn't work very well :P I'm too tiny and it makes me laugh too hard, he won't stay like that for more than a few seconds.
    2. Well, yah, but who doesn't? :P
    3. Pretty sure he hasn't been to the hairdresser in years.
    4. He'd rather die.
    5. Sure, I think he's cool with them. I know that I am.
    6. We use the same shampoo so I guess?
    7. Does pina colada count? Because that boy will drink it by the gallon, the freak.
    8. Again, he'd rather die.

    This was fun to read :)


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  • 1. I like cuddling and being cuddled.
    2. Haven't taken a bubble bath since I was like 4. Hot tubs are nice though!
    3. I'll admit it feel's pretty good when a girl runs her fingers through my hair, or even when I get my hair cut it feel pretty good haha
    4. There are no existing words to describe how much I despise Justin Bieber
    5. Scented Candles, meh, I guess they're nice, but I'm not the reason we have any
    6. I've always used my own hair Shampoo. Usually Axe or Old Spice, and they come as a 2-in-1 shampoo + conditioner
    7. To be honest, I've never had alcohol before. All I drink is water and protein shakes. So this one doesn't apply to me.
    8. Loooove me some Taylor Swift!!

    So I guess 3 of those truly apply to me, and I'm not afraid to admit any of them!! But I can see how the others could possibly apply to other guys and how they'd be afraid to admit to them.


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  • I think it is an over generalization like most lists like that. The only one on there that applies to me personally is my enjoyment of being the little spoon from time to time.

  • Everything but #4 hahaha 😂

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