What does an ordinary day in your life look like?

Describe an ordinary day in your life.


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  • Every day is completely different but most involve something along these lines: Studying, talking with friends, hanging out with friends/gf, video games, gag, 9gag, playing guitar, listening to music, trying something new, doing nothing.


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  • Get up at 5:30am
    Go for a run/swim on the beach
    Take shower
    Eat breakfast
    Get to work by 8:30am
    Lunch around 1:30pm
    Get home around 4-6pm
    Take shower when i get home
    Make dinner at around 8pm
    Go to bed at around 12:30am


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  • I wake up, I have my morning shit, I have some breakfast, then I leave for work. I come home from work and then I study into the evening. Then I eat, have a shower, watch some TV and go to sleep. Repeat cycle most days of the week.

  • Me versus other humans. That's the best way to explain it.


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