Why do people hate those who can't move on?

Sometimes I feel all the people who think you should 'move on,'would NEVER move on if they were in the same place and something had happened to them.


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  • Shit happens to all of us. Pretty much everyone has had their heartbroken. The reason people often tell someone to move on, is they are simply tired of hearing about it. I remember a friend of mine who only talked about his ex and how much he hurt for months in end. Every conversation went back to her. It gets old fast.

    • Why did you assume it is about heartbreak. I meant moving on in life, not romance wise.

      Move on from a job that didn't work out. Move on from turmoil you felt growing up with parents who didn't really care about you. Stuff like that.

    • You can live in the past or you can live in the present. That's a choice. Sure the past may have an effect on the present. But at least your trying to move forward. Nobody wants to here the "I could been somebody" twenty years down the road. Once again shit happens, dwell in the shit if you like. But most of us prefer to rinse the shit off and move forward. Not just sit there and wallow in it.

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  • I think it comes from a misunderstanding. I think at times I can be that person who 'can't move on' and dwells on things that have happened. My problem is that I just don't understand how some people can be so uncaring and selfish at times.

    I've had a lot of bad things happen to me in the past. Unless a person has had to deal with a similar situation, it can be easy for them to say move on.

    I find the people saying move on are usually people who haven't had many challenges in life. That or they are just unemotional.


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  • Those that can't move on have a way of reminding those who can that they never truly move on.

    • What do you mean?

    • No matter how much people say they've moved on, they are forever changed by those that leave and can never forget them. They just ignore the thoughts. When we see people who can't move on, it reminds us of the unresolved issues, anger and pain so much that what we've been ignoring breaks loose and we are forced to deal with it again.

  • Are you trying to justify your refusal to move on?

    • No, I'm serious. I don't just notice this about the 'moving on,' thing, I notice this about everything.

      Someone might say, 'Oh that wasn't a big deal,' but if the same thing happened to them it would be a huge deal. I hate people like that.

    • But you have no way of knowing whether the person who advises you to "move on" could follow that advice if they were in your position. You are only making an assumption.

    • I know their personality. And when similar situations have happened to them I've seen how they reacted

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