Tell me a fact. Why do I feel so smart?

I dont want to sound cocky, but i feel like i am too smart for this site. Like i'm always answering questions and not actually learning anything new. Is there anyone out there that has an intersting fact or something unique and something i dont know already?
Basically just post anything that might be something that nobody else knows about relationships, sex or anything.


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  • Because this site is filled with lots of people with questionable levels of intelligence...

    There is over 60 billion dollars worth of treasure in the worlds oceans.

    • Thats a cool fact. Thanks! I guess thats why the king from 'My Little Mermaid' is so rich. Lol

    • Probably lol :P

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  • Confucius say, when a wise man and a fool talk the difference between them is the wise man will learn from the fool.

    • Lol thats a good one.

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  • Maybe you are just very confident about yourself.

  • The USA is known for its gun culture and politics on the topic of so called assault weapons. The AR15 is the most popular rifle sold in the country. But 12 times as many people are killed by knives each year in the USA than are killed with rifles, with no calls for knife control.

    • Thanks! Yea kinda hard to control the sale of everything. Even scissors or pens can kill someone and they r used in schools all the time. I don't think knives should be restricted like guns bc there are so many different kinds of knives and difficult to put in controls. Cooking knives or diving knives could easily be just as lethal as military ones and to determine licences for such things is near impossible.

  • I don't think you can smart your way out of relationship advice.

    Each person reacts differently and has a different personality. It would be difficult to know the answers to everything relationship related.

    • Yea im not naive to think i know everything. Its just im kinda getting bored of the same stuff coming up over and over. Lol

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