Should I ask the parents I babysit for about my piercing?

I've been wanting a nose piercing for awhile but i couldnt bc i worked in a restaurant, i recently quit and am now working part time at a very popular grocery store bc it pays better and less stressful. But I've always worked in childcare and i also just started babysitting for a family. Their kids are 2 and 5, very easily influenced. The grocery store doesn't care about peircings, tattoos, or what color hair you have so im finally going to get my nose ring (first a stud then a hoop) but i want to know if parents will look at me any differently, i mean it is 2015 but ya never know. Should i just get it or should i ask the parents what they think or just let them know I'll do my best to hide it or wear a clear ring and what not. Not getting it isn't really an option I already paid for it (long story but i got 10 dollars off) so yeah


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  • They shouldn't think any less of you if you do a good job with the children. No harm in asking just to make sure though, as I know many parents can be judgmental over the role models (as that is what you are to the kids) who look after them while they are away.

    • Should i just tell them ill put a small bandaid over it.

    • yes. i'm sure it will be fine anyway, it would take someone extremely judgmental to fire the babysitter from their position due to a piercing. you clearly have done a good job with them from the start & they like you.

  • Tell them, it'll take the stress off your mind.