Is It more than coincidence?

Well my whole life I been know to have many deja-vu. I have experience some weeks supernatural things., but I keep to my self for I don't want people to think I'm crazy.

for the past 6 months Its more than deja-vu and weird feelings. I always pick up my phone before it rings or get any notifications (example, I get this feeling I look at my phone and nothing. I place it down and my phone will go off) the best one is when I talk to people about something and them something comes up about it. (Example, last night I told my boyfriend that when i was a child i liked to eat peanuts brittle but i no longer enjoy them. so today I was scrolling to fb and a lady is selling peanuts brittle and it only been posted for 20mins. ) this has happen with almost everything... it can be about a black cat. And then we see one.. my mom calling me and minutes later she calls.

Should I be concern? Am I going crazy?


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  • Nah I've had similar experiences... Whether or not its deja vu or not, who knows. One other possibility is that, in the example of the peanut brittle, you just noticed the facebook post about it because you had been thinking/talking about it earlier... The same sort of effect as when you get a new car, and then all of a sudden start seeing the same car all over the place, but you never noticed them before.

    You're not crazy though, life's strange sometimes... enjoy the ride, have fun :-) (BTW the rest of the world is the crazy bunch... have you seen the news lately?)

    • Lol. Thanks
      Its just getting a little weird. Aonce it happens with many things.
      Even my boyfriend have notice...
      To bad I don't get the lottery numbers.

    • :-P Right? If it worked like that, that would be pretty cool...
      I'll be content thinking of someone I haven't talked to in weeks/months and getting a call from them the next day or running in to them some place random :-)

    • Yeah. Lol

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