Why in Most Asian Cultures is Identity Worth Based on Celebrity Stairs Status and Finance?

Before anyone tells me this is a gross generalisation. i live in Asia and this is a common belief. the only place i didn't find it interfering with relationship worth was in the v Philippines.

I have many Asian girl friends and they always try to one up each other by dating someone rich or with celebrity status. They tell me expecting me to care or be impressed. i understand its a cultural thing but part of me feels it's aldo related to a lack of values in other things. for example Christianity. Looks come second to financial or celebrity worth I've found


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  • Well, even if you live in "Asia", I would call this a gross generalization because "Asia" is not just a country, it's by far the biggest continent on earth. If you're talking about Asia, it can be anything from Turkey, or Syria to Russia or India to south east Asia such as the Philippines or Thailand to North east Asia such as China, Korea and Japan. All of these places have relatively little or nothing to do with each other. For example if you travel from Vietnam to Japan, that's not like travelling from Finland to France or from Vermont to Nevada, where you might have different mentalities but generally a lot of cultural ties. In Asia, there are often worlds between two individual countries.
    Now, for some countries in Asia, your claim is true. One of these examples would be China (also some countries in south east Asia, but not all). The reason Chinese people tend to be extremely materialistic has a lot to do with the recent history that there country went through. Modern China is a very young country. Just 50 years ago, China was ridden by poverty, destruction from the wars it had been through and political unrest. Within only a few decades, it has made a huge leap forward, to say it with the words of Mao Zedong. Even if China still suffers from many huge problems (such as the environmental catastrophe), this extremely fast industrialization must be acknowledged. Now, the problem with such an extremely fast industrial development is that the Chinese's people didn't have time to change together with their country. In other words: societies always change very slowly and the Chinese society couldn't catch up anymore with the fast technological developments it was experiencing. This led, among other things, to a huge gap between rich and poor. You have to understand that being successful and rich is the ONLY way to make it in modern China. this is why so many parents are so obsessed about their children attending only the very best schools. Sure, this has to do with Confucianism, but more importantly, it has become a social necessity. Also, young countries tend to be more materialistic than old ones. For example, I am European and I find American to be quite materialistic too. Contrary to America, Europeans put more value on living and less value on working and earning money. This is because European countries have gone through a very long and slow social development.
    I am absolutely convinced that people such as the Chinese will change a lot within

    • the next 100-150 years. The next generations will become less and less materialistic, as society will catch up more with its country again and the gap between rich and poor will hopefully be closed a little bit.
      However, you should also understand that as I said earlier, this claim is not true for all countries in Asia. One example would be Japan. In Japan, success is certainly important but for rather different reasons (bringing honor to your family etc.). I've met Japanese girls in Japan and none of them seemed particularly materialistic to me. Also, I've lived in South Korea for some time and I've now been dating a Korean girl for over 5 years and she isn't materialistic at all (and I've met many girls in Korea who were genuinely looking for good-hearted and sweet guys rather than rich and famous ones). So it also has a bit to do where you look (for example I've met a lot of college girls and I never went to clubs) and certainly, it depends on what country you're in.