Excuses to use to call out of work?

The real reason I can't go in is because I have severe anxiety problems and I only slept 30 min last night and I have work in 2 hours (and its an 8.5 hour shift) and the anxiety is still affecting me.

I can't say I'm sick bc I would need a dr note.


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  • Say you locked your keys in the car

    • They know my mom takes me

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  • As a manager, this looks really bad from our perspective. It's disrespectful to your coworkers and management team to not ensure you are taking care of yourself and ultimately are leaving your team in a lurch. There are people counting on you to show up today.

    If you seriously think you are not fit to work, then go get the doctor's note that states that your anxiety is the reason you cannot perform your duties today and need to be off work. This does two things: it covers your ass, and it opens up conversations for how your employer can support you. If you live in Canada, your employer needs to reimburse you any costs involved in obtaining the doctor's note.

    This means you need to be accountable for yourself. You may be asked to have your doctor complete a "fit to work" form specifying any accommodations you would need as a result of your anxiety. Being unreliable (even if you have a legitimate reason) can really impact your relationships at work.

    My toddler is not sleeping through the night, resulting in me not having slept more than 3 hours each night for the past week on top of a head & sinus cold. As a manager, I am responsible for upwards of 70 people in my day... I don't get to just call in sick. It's not just about you.


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  • Get a friend to call your work and say you were kidnapped.


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  • In my opinion mental health is just as important as physical health but I know work places (and seemingly a lot of other places) don't seem to think so. You could always say a family emergency came up or you're having car issues or something and it's preventing you from coming in. If the place you're working at is like mine it may be good to try and contact coworkers and see if any can take your place too.

    • I forgot to mention that I JUST started this job a few days ago and I'm still in training.

    • Oh, that may be an issue for the job :/ I would go with family emergency then. Employers frown upon unreliability and family emergencies is something you definitely can't control.

  • Simply tell them that you got absolutely no sleep last night and that it would severly affect your working capabilities.

    • I'm afraid they're gonna think that's a lame excuse