Will my eye lashes grow back? I mistakenly ripe a few out while using a lash curler?

It probly ripped out 2-3 lashes buy mistake and I feel so awful about it...


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  • If you shave your head, What happens?

    If you shave your... ''zone''.. What happens?

    What happens, If you shave / remove any hair on your body?

    Yes. Ofcourse it will grow back. It might not look the same as before, It may not even be in the same place as before, But yes. Something will grow back.

    *Unless you have a condition that effects hair follicle growth / cell production like Alopecia or are undergoing chemotherapy or something :/*

    But yeah, Your brows will be on fleek in a few weeks when it grows back, Dont worry xD


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  • Yes of course it will


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  • Yes they will, one naturally loses eyelashes. I'm pretty sure you don't have the whole same set of eye lashes from when you were born.

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