What's the best way to handle seeing a girl that rejected you with another guy?

What's the best way to move on from the situation I lived through now?


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  • Let her alone and move on

    • You're completely right. the more I tried to make things work, the worse everything got. I just want her to be happy. I feel really bad that I can't hang out with her anymore every time I see her, but there's not really anything that I could do to change her mind. I can't stop her from seeing other guys and I can't tell her not to, the reality is that she will see other guys and I have to accept it now as much as it hurts me. I've been avoiding her all semester to stay out of trouble. Not knowing anything is the best solution that I found helped me control my pain and let me live peacefully up to this point.

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    • She wasn't worth it. I tried everything I could to try to fix things, but there's too many people involved and the guy already approached me by the end of the semester and told me to "dead it" whatever that means. He's most likely telling me to forget about her in a rude way. I can't and will not fight for a girl that does not care about me. My hands are tied. Hopefully my spring semester in 2016 this year which starts in another two weeks won't be so bad.

    • That friend she was spending time with came up to me and told me that he was her boyfriend. She told me that she didn't have one. That explains why she was running from me when I tried to fix things. She never told me anything about him and he never knew anything about me. I just can't trust a girl like that anymore or her friends. I've always been upfront with her and she was always hiding things from me. I wish she was just more upfront with me. She just played with my feelings and left me for another guy. She never took responsibility for all the pain that she caused to me emotionally. I don't care though, the only thing that matters to me is that I made it out without any problems. I passed all of my classes despite all the harsh and lonely memories that I have and the future is still coming. I'm only 21, In June I turn 22 and still no relationship at all. Everybody told me that she's a thot, but I really did love her and tried everything I could to tell her my feelings.

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