Good inexpensive smart phones?

I seem to be having very bad luck with iPhones even though I love them to death.
my first iPhone was a white 5c, the power button was faulty which I could live with bit then I dropped it twice and ruined the screen. In an attempt to replace the screen and the button I shorted out the battery. Had to take it to a proper place to get it fixed, my actions resulted in the wifi being unstable. I sold that one and brought a new one.

The front camera doesn't work and the wifi is weak although usable. Took it in to get the camera replaced. Came back two hours later and he said that the motherboard is the problem. I have now got to convince an overseas Chinese seller to give me my money back and money to pay for me to send the phone back to them because I'm over it.

So what are some really good inexpensive smart phones that I could get? I'll have about 300 NZD if I get a full refund


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  • Huawei makes budget smartphones with strong specs, also check out LG, HTC and ZTE as phone manufacturers for quality phones are a reasonable price.

    I would avoid Alcatel and Kyocera if I were you, their phone builds aren't the best.


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