Is it true that once someone loses respect for you it's hard to get it back?

What is respect anyway? I feel like respect is such a stupid word.

Every human being on this planet deserves respect, and if someone doesn't erspect you, then there's something wrong wtih them.


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  • It's virtually impossible to get back. Respect is important as it guides how you value people's opinions and judge their motives. If you respected everyone equally you'd have no way to judge the advice from a cop differently than a criminal. A normal person doesn't respect those two people equally, so they are able to judge who is giving advice that should be followed vs ignored.


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  • There are there definitions of respect
    - respect as in reverence or esteem
    - respect as in you like this person
    - respect as in you won't hurt this person

    If I see a prostitute I won't like them but I won't hurt them either so that is a kind of respect

    If I see somebody who looks very nice I might like them but that does not mean

    Most people have this idea that they do not esteem certain people


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  • Yes. Absolutely true.
    Imagine you found out your favorite teacher steals. You'd lose all respect for them and they could never be the same in your eyes.

    • Honestly? I feel this whole respect concept actually prevents people from changing. Sort of like they think, 'well everyone's going to judge me, so what's the point?'

      That favourite teacher who steals is capable of changing if people differentiate his image from his actions. Looking down on him will be a barrier to him changing rather than the other way around.

    • A person is judged based on his/her actions. It's impossible to separate a person from his/her actions. Or are you telling me you respect murderers/ rapists/ dictators etc?

    • I don't think it's fair to equate a murderer/rapist/dictator with a teacher who steals.