What does it mean to have depression?

I know a few people that have depression and I see a lot of talk on here about it. I really don't understand it though. They constantly talk about how depressed they are (my theory is that it makes them more depressed). Can someone please enlighten me on this? Because I just plain don't understand the mentality of a depressed person. Any stories or feedback will be appreciated : )


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  • Well I started feeling this when I was 15 years old. it sucked... i had my first major crush.
    He always gave me hints he like me but was string me a long. What hit me hard was the moment I meet his gf! I was so shocked and angry... I lived crying alone and upset... hahah I was like wtf is wrong with me? I never even spoke to him but he kept hinting. I went through this stage like I am just to fat for anyone to like me or I have too many zits or i am not blond. Whatever... then I just kept crying and crying and I didn't know why. I cried for hours and hours everyday... I believe i was crying not bc i love him. But because i thought i was going to be alone forever. i still haven't found a friend or a boyfriend. I use to feel so dead... I still feel dead but I love myself. even I am a little big. lol Of course before my huge crush I was crazy about relationship and after I just felt truly ugly. I wanted to die I still do. I still need help. I still feel scared that I won't make a friend at least that. I love talking to people. But I just stop.

    • The problem was with him. Anyway, if someone is so shallow that they befriend based on appearances, they are no friend.

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    • yeah tomrrow hopeful I get some therapy I sign up... I need it.

    • hahah I still need to call!

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  • There are two things you should do for this:




    2.) Have you seen Inside Out?

    Because if you haven't, you should.

    If you have, then remember when the islands crumbled?
    What they said then is literally EXACTLY what depression is.

    Inside Out is genius.

    • No, I haven't seen that movie.

    • You need to see that movie, it's one of the best movies I've ever seen

      I don't care if the age rating says it's 6+ approved. It's legitimately a movie made for young adults and above, heavily delving into what makes a human human, what defines the elements of behavior, what is emotional trauma, what is depression, how our experiences define who we are, etc.

  • It mean that you're feeling empty in the inside that you feel that your life kinda suck in a way and you might really be very stressed. Also you kinda constantly get bored...


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