Why are these girls always staring?

There's these girls I know in some of my classes, and they're always looking at me. Like there's this one girl I talked to about my crush a lot since I needed advice, and I told her that I moved on from him. She asked if I was interested in any other guys and I was like no. Afterwards she kept staring at me and it was kind of awkward.

The other girl just stares at me like all the time for like no apparent reason. One time she was staring and like not looking away so I just smiled politely and she was like 😄. This one girl always glares at the first girl too, which is what I don't understand.
Like, what's going on here lol?


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  • Thats not good It means someone has a problem with you now if its a guy Its a crush


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  • she was prbably confused maybe she doesn't get how your over it.. or judges you for dismissing it. I mean she could be curious about you or a bi girl. She could be admiring you as well. I like to look at things i enjoy or think are nice.. Maybe the second girl is nervous about the idea of her friend making new friends.. especailly ones she doesn't know. Just say hi maybe ask or worry... or ignore them. good luck ^.^

    • Thnx, I needed a different perspective about the situation

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    • But they've been staring for a long time, I knew them before

    • ask them its the only way to know if you truly want to yea its scary to ask and always will be (sounds like you have plenty of time to get the courage to do it) ... and they might deny it but at least you know you tried to understand.. or work on letting it go and focusing on something better like friends you have. It is hard to ignore or let go of confusing things but totally go able just dont stare back or focus on it.. or doodle something every time you notice instead of thinking about it.

  • Maybe she's a lesbian or she's just acting weird to tease you.