How do I know im depressed?

Well since I've beeen college i have had a lot of mood swings. i have felt down a lot and i express my anger in a fucked up way. i think i am depresse or just have some issues with myself that i dont know how to deal with. whats wrong me?

I can't afford to see a therapist. So I don't know what else I should do.


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  • Therapist.

    But the most common sympoms are from what i remember:
    - Losing interest in what you liked to do/ don't want to do them at all anymore.
    - No sex drive
    - Mood swings
    - Eat more or less
    - Skin pick/ Self harm
    - Running away from home/ acting rebellious.

    But better to talk to therapist and if you are on medication they can have some cause on how you are feeling too ( especially birth control)


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  • Because college is tough, much tougher than high school. It's all about mindset

    • awe, I don't know what is it

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  • Go to a therapist and have them check you out. Stress from college could play a factor in this as well.

  • you have to go to your school's health centre and they will set you up an appointment with a mental health nurse and they will be able to diagnose you if you have it.

    • I don't think my college has that

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    • then you can even go to a regular family doctor, they are qualified to diagnose depression and refer you to treatments

    • okaythans

  • You go to a therapist and they'll tell you.