What to do after a crazy night?

Hey, so I have known this guy since high school. I had friend requested him on Facebook a year ago. Last month was his birthday and I "poked" him and wished him happy birthday. It went from there. We started talking everyday! We meet up and hung out once and nothing happened other then kissing. It was amazing. We connected on a magnetic level. Well, he called a few nights afterwards and wanted to meet up and I couldn't. After that he kinda become weird. Said he had a girlfriend. So, a month later I asked this guy friend if he wanted to meet me at a local bar at 7 and talk. He said yes and honestly I was just going out to get my mind off of my crush. So, I pulled up at the local bar and parked right beside me was my crush. Of all people!! So at this point I go in the bar and it's awkward being in there with a friend that now looks like my date and the guy I actually like playing pool with his friend beside us. Come to find out my crushes friend knows the guy I'm with. Lol. So they started talking because they used to work together. My crush starts texting me and saying I'm mean. So I texted back and said he hurt me. Anyways, we all end up hanging out and bar hop. At the end of the night he wants me to come home with him. So, I did. Which made me feel like a jerk to the guy friend I had went there with. But, we ended up hanging out at his friends house and had sex. It was rough sex and to be honest.. He didn't pull out... Afterwards he wanted me to lay with him. I'm writing all of this because I want to know if I was just a lay to him. Or what others think he might be thinking.


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  • We'll get you a stroller :)

    • Haha!! I'm on birth control. But, do guys normally not pull out to girls they don't mind getting pregnant or what's up with that?

    • Hahah oh ok. Jk then.
      I always pull out, unless condom. Regardless of pill, just to be safe.

      Stay in touch with the guy, see if you want to build a relationship or not.

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