My sisters friend caught me staring, is she going to tell on me, should I apologize?

My sisters 18 turning 19
her friend is 17 turning 18
and im turning 16

my sisters birthday is one day after mine
and her friends is in march

she caught me staring at her butt.. i don't know why i was staring so long, i guess i was staring off into space.. but i do admit i was staring.. anyways when i looked at her face she was staring back at me i looked away really quickly and she smiled.. looked like she almost laughed i was ashamed and she went upstairs to my sisters room

i want to say sorry is that a good idea i don't want her telling anyone... should i apologize, ask her not to tell anyone, and promise never to look again

please help me here i don't want my mom to know i was doing something like that she will probably think im a dirty child or something i just.. she's just grown up and got cute i guess.. she caught me staring at her chest before but i played it off and asked about her shirt


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  • Say "How could you blame me, I'm a guy I liked what I saw. Sorry if I came of as rude"


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  • don't worry about i'm sure it be fine.