What people would you prefer to talk to?

This is a pretty general question. What types of people do you find the most interest in? I'm 16 and have been told I'm pretty mature for my age. I like to have long, meaningful conversations where each person gets deeply invested. My hair is purple, which is something people for some reason enjoy talking about. I'm into metal and rock (not so much screaming, but in small doses it's alright), and I like reading, writing, and photography. I like it when people take interest in my hobbies, even if I'm not very good. I also enjoy looking at things other people have done. I don't often get messages, so I was wondering if it's because of who I am and my interests. So my fellow GAGers, what is your ideal conversational partner?


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  • I think the part "I like it when people take interest in my hobbies" sums up what everyone enjoys in a conversation. I can talk about anything, but if the topic is something that really interests me, I'll be talking 'till the end of the conversation XD

    So, probably, I like to talk with people who are passionate about something, like series, movies, music... I like when people can go deep in a subject, is good for leaning new things. Usually when I go deep, the subject is music.

    I'm also not afraid of debating politics, in fact, I love doing it, no matter the political views of the others. And I can say that, even loving debates and all, I never get out of a discussion offending or pissing off anyone, and I never stopped liking or respecting someone for its political views, which is something kinda rare when it comes to politics.

    • I love to debate! Take away all insults and harsh words and I could total argue my points for hours! I was actually in debate team for a year or so, but had to quit because of my anxiety.

    • Yeah, the only problem is that people often freak out on the middle of it lol

      I'm a kind of center-right guy, but in high school I had a group of friends that were all socialists (like, real ones, we have this kind of people down in South America), and I never had even a single problem with them, to be honest we had a pretty good relationship.

    • I mostly debate over any random controversial topic such as equal rights, marijuana legalization, etc. I don't involve myself too much in politics or anything like that because I'm not well informed enough to know which sides to take.

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  • I don't know, I think I'm more of a listener though. I don't think I have a certain "topic" to talk about, I am quite versatile when it comes to topics of conversation. It's nice to learn about someone and have a little of an insight of them. But someone who is friendly opposed to hostile is more easier to talk to (obviously) and I find having a better connection with someone who's like that, as they seem more welcoming, comfortable with themselves and fun to talk to, to be pleasing.


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  • I like talking with interesting people! I think as long as the person is passionate about SOMETHING, (And they're willing to talk), the conversation can be fun, educational, intriguing...

    As the (great) book "How to Win Friends & Influence People" says, people love to talk about themselves! If you can get another person talking about themselves or something that they're interested in, and you show genuine interest in what they're saying, they will like and respect YOU without even knowing anything about you (other than that you were interested in them)

    For me personally, music is always a good subject, business/sales/advertising is a topic I love, philosophy, psychedelic (drug) experiences, and modern history (especially the 1960's-1980's).

    I don't like pity-parties, if the person's going to complain and go on and on about how miserable their life is and how unfair the world is, I'm outta there ASAP!


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  • You sound a lot like me from your personality to your hair color. I also have purple hair, have long meaningful conversations, enjoy rock music, reading, and writing.

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