Have you ever treated someone who liked you bad?

this girl named alea liked me in middle school but she... wasn't my type... at all..

i never treated her bad but she told my sister she liked me and my sister told me and i finally found out why she always sat next to me in class and joined almost every activity i was in..

i thought it was just her classes but then i knew why.. again i didn't treat her bad i just kept my distance...
was this wrong?
i guess this is why im single now..

She goes to my high school now and she looks exactly the same
don't really feel any different about her but if i start being nice to her and maybe date her do you think my bad luck with dating will go away?


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  • Ok first of all, u don't have a bad luck with dating. She really really loves you. I have a friend who likes me too but i keep my distance and still have a boyfriend. If you want you can give the girl a chance and go out with her. Maybe u might even fall in love with her.


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