What's the most useless app you still have on your phone?

One that you have downloaded at some point. So not like google+ lol


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  • i think i have a taco bell app. I hate taco bell, it's absolutely disgusting. lol

    • Lol I had a subway app too at one point. Wanted to collect the points. I only eat there like once every 6 months

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    • I love chipotle! My favorite fast food!!

    • Never tried it because it doesn't exist in the countries I've lived in lol

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  • Thankfully, I delete all the ones I've downloaded and never use. However, I wish I could delete many apps that came with my phone.

    • I just deactivate the ones I never use

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  • A manga app that has since been deleted from the app store and it won't let me remove it from my phone because it doesn't exist.