What to do when you want to apologize to someone you'll never see again?

It was a random guy that I was rude to today early afternoon. I realized he was trying to simply talk to me.

I've never been so overwhelmed, with period cramps and in addition, two deaths in my family (I'm really going through a real bad moment in my life). Still, I have never been rude like that before. He didn't deserve it. I wish I can apologize but I'll never see him again.

I wish I can say this:
Random guy, whoever you are
I apologize for the way I reply. I wish I could have met you and say hi back. I hope you don't go into a ranting thinking we're all like that. Once again, I apologize.

This is very unlike me. I've always been taught manners. Can't believe I told him to fuck off and I'm really ashamed. I have never been rude to anyone before.


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  • If you don't ever see him again than apologize to the sky. Take the experience and think of it as a lesson and try not repeating it.
    If you don't mind me asking, why were you rude to him?

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