Doctors or med students: can a virus or bacteria attack certain chromosomes?

I'm writing a story XD and the plot requires me to kill off a huge amount of females. Is there such a thing like a bacteria or virus or just some defects that attacks the x chromosome, making the female population slowly die out? I know it doesn't exist, but is this idea too far-fetched? My story is based on the future but I still don't want to stray top far away from real biology.


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  • Perhaps there might be in the future according to your story. Go ahead and use it!


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  • It's called epigenerics. That's where things you do or the diseases you get now effect not only your own genes and how they function but also those of all your future children and their children etc.

    • OK could you give me an example? And how can I kill off not just one or two family trees but more like the entire gender? Something similar to the blood sicle cell sickness, but more aggressive and widespread. So it not only is spread out genetically, but though other methods as well. Where the males are pretty much immune to it

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    • But the thing I was thinking of does not exist yet lol I was only thinking whether something like that is possible or not.

    • Well it is. That's what epigenetics is. It's when something effects your chromosomes and dna. For your story your going to have to do more research and then make it your own

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  • Invent a virus that attacks the ovaries and causes their hormones to stop working and makes them develops cancers.
    it would be easier to kill off males honestly, I think there are already diseases or conditions that only affect the Y chromosome

    • Yeah like heart attacks and baldness XD
      But I kinda want to mess around with the fantasy of what guys will do if there are very little girls around XD

    • No, not like heart attacks and baldness lol

      Maybe make a new disease, but have the immunity be found in Y chromosomes and with females having no way to fight the disease

    • That sounds like a good idea. Thanks!

  • Ummmm you can be born with X chromosome defects. You could say they were born with defects that didn't show until a certain age or something

    • Keep in mind males have an X chromosome too

    • I know but less risk for males. And if there's only one person born with an x chromosome defect, then that wouldn't kill so many people, would it? Only those in her hereditary lines

    • If the first woman to exist had the defect all of her children would have a 50% chance of having it and if a man had it any daughter of his would have it.