Why is everyone black in Hamilton the Musical?

I faintly remember seeing this musical on Tumblr, but I completely forgot about it until today. I was on Genius to look up Hotline Bling but then I saw "Alexander Hamilton", the first song of the musical. I read and loved it so I went on google to see if it was on YouTube (I live far away from Broadway.)

I opened the first picture on Google Images and first saw the woman on the ground and thought "Oh. She's black. Must be a slave or something." But then I looked at everyone else and they were black too? I was like o. O

Why is everyone black? They're not supposed to be black O. o Races meant something in that era. Like how you grow up. Do you make Thomas Jefferson Native American?

Also, Alexander Hamilton was born to a Scottish father and looked white as hell (based on the pics.). The guy who plays him has an Eastern European/Middle Eastern vibe going on. He should've been more handsome.


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  • How many movies about non white people are played by all white actors?

    • IDK? There was this one about Moses

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    • No, it's real

    • Real, but maybe it was poking fun at Hollywood white washing

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