How to deal with loneliness?

I have been in a situation where I have no friends or anybody to talk with. I recently moved in new city for a job. I am completely disconnected from everything. I am a bit shy too. So I am not able to interact with people in workplace as well. Due to all this, most of the time I am so depressed and alone.
please suggest something.


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  • I have always was been a kind of loner. I do have a few friends I meet up with occasionally, but they're all busy with their own personal and professional lives.

    This is how I 'combat' loneliness. If I am at home, I listen to music or play video games. And during weekends, I usually go by myself to malls, parks, movies and restaurants to get my share of 'enjoyment'. It's not really so bad.


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  • I feel I am in just about the same situation... ☹️

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