Is it true that important people don't like other unimportant people?

Like a management consultant would never fall for an ordinary girl attaining an English degree?


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  • Important people? Unimportant people?
    What makes someone unimportant?

    I get what you're asking, but disagree with the wording (which in effect answers your question).

    I think it's important for people to share certain values and mentally be on the same level as far as some things, but just because someone has a prestigious title or degree or makes a lot of money doesn't mean they can't like/love someone who's doing something different with their life.

    Yes, it's unlikely that a guy who's high up the management ladder at a big company is going to spend his weekends pounding beers with a bunch of guys who are working minimum wage jobs or are unemployed bumming around in their parents basement.
    But he could easily be married to a pre-school teacher or an artist who's trying to make it...


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  • #generalisation370 i really disagree with this one. love has no boundaries, and there r so many living examples of that. dont lose hope.

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