Are these sexist comments?

I was watching a celebrity interview and one of the questions they asked to the girl was "Which one would you rather give up, your phone or makeup?" and she responded "is this what you think girls really have trouble choosing between?"

Then they were talking about iphone emojis and the convo went
(there are muliple guys interviewing her so the 'guy' isn't all the same person)
girl: "Oh the unicorn emoji is great"
guy: "girls" as in "what a typical girl thing to like"
girl: "boys. many boys use the unicorn emoji" "you need a little bit of brushing up on equality over here"
guy: "yeah BOYS. boys vs men"
girl: "no! who said the unicorn emoji isn't for men?"
guy: "is it? i never used the unicorn emoji"
girl: "REAL men use the unicorn emoji and aren't afraid"

So people were saying how the guys interviewing her were being sexist, what do you think?

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Most Helpful Guy

  • "Which one would you rather give up, your phone or makeup?"
    -That just seems like a joke because ladies don't seem to want to part with either.

    I had to look that>> (unicorn emoji) up, lol.

    That just seems more petty than anything.


Most Helpful Girl

  • Ignorant, yes.
    Sexist, no.


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What Guys Said 2

  • Jesus Christ is this seriously what you're getting worked up over? It's a fucking.

    By the way, which would you prefer - a new pair of ugs or some Starbucks coffee?

    • im not the one who said it was sexist. i dont find it sexist at all. all the people in the comments of the video were the ones getting offended and you can tell the girl getting interviewed was offended as well

  • If could be sexist against both men and women, but I would take it as a joke.

    If it's a joke then be as sexist and racist and whatever as you want.


What Girls Said 1

  • Uh they both sound stupid and again with this "real" man shit?

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