How do I deal with pressure of high school and loneliness?

I have so many friends but none of them are of any use. I need a some to talk to, my life is shitty at this point. My friends say that I need a boyfriend but there no chance of me getting a boyfriend ugly peice of shit. I don't know what to do I, need advice to clam myslef and focus on my education.

yeah i think you do need a boyfriend who will listen to you
thats what everyone says


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  • are those updates supposed to be poll options? or are you talking to yourself :-P
    Seriously though, high school can be a rough time. Just know that life after high school gets much better.

    As far as your friends being useless, focus on quality rather than quantity... You're better off with 2 friends who you're really close with and can trust each other, then 20 friends who are flakes and you can't really confide in.

    Also, knock it off with calling yourself an ugly piece of shit. Nobody wants to be with someone who has that attitude about themselves. If you don't love and respect yourself first and foremost, how can you expect other people to?

    As far as your main question, how to deal with the pressure of high school and loneliness, try and find one or two people who you can work on building a real friendship with. CLUE: these might not be the people who have a ton of friends.
    If you can get one or two people who are looking for the same kind of friendship as you and who share some similar interests, you're golden. You don't need a ton of friends to be happy. The rest can be casual friends who you see around and are friendly with, but all you need is one or two SOLID friends and you can take on just about anything (and have a lot of fun doing it!)

    High school will be over before you know it, the time really does fly by in the grand scheme of things. Enjoy these days while you can, once you graduate, time really starts to fly by!

    I hope this was a little bit helpful at least... if you need to talk, there's a big community here full of people who have been in your position before (or are going through the same thing) and are happy to try and help you out, even if it's just letting you know that what you're going through is normal and fairly common.

    Keep your head up :-)


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  • lol if you're a girl and you're in highschool you have no friends. they're all so temporary after you leave you won't see any of their asses. just ignore them and do your own shit. maybe get a job and try to do other things to distract yourself. if someone ever gives you shit shut them up immediately and tell them to keep their mouth shut.


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  • You most def have to focus yourself for the time being. And no. People who say you HAVE to be in a relationship are just incapable of functioning without one because that's what they have been lead to believe. There is no specific reason to be in one other than "every one else is doing it".


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