Girls, Which of these two cars would you like you man in?

I know most girls are with their men only because of love but do you really don't car what he drives? If you do care... which of the following cars would you like in a man? I am planning of changing my car... I feel like it is setting me at disadvantage. What do you people think? I currently drive a 2006 Sentra exterior sand interior charcoal.
Girls, Which of these two cars would you like you man in?

  • F-150
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  • Altima Coupe
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  • Your Sentra
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  • It does not matter
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  • Of those options, I respect the sentra the most (had to google it though cause I know nothing about cars). I think the best cars are cheap, reliable, and fuel efficient. Anyone who drives a big truck as a commuter vehicle around town is an idiot (its only acceptable if you work on a farm or work a job like construction or landscaping where you have to drag a bunch of equipment around). Sports cars are... okay, but I think people who drive those kind of cars care way too much about appearances.


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