Is it wrong to tell a guy you thought he was gay?

So recently me and a guy were texting nonstop. He'd be the first to tell me good morning and the last to tell me good night. He was sweet and flirty, but then I had to ruin things...

I've known the guy for some time, I would always spend the night with his sister; that's how I started to like him. But then they moved to the next town over... We barely started to talk this year and all was going great, until I told him I thought he was gay; even my friends and family thought that. I feel terrible for asking him that since now he's stopped talking to me... I actually miss our conversations and late night texts. Just when things were about to start, I feel like I ruined what we had going on...

Did I screw up in telling him that?


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  • hmm... yeah some guys take it really badly... some just laugh it off...

    he's probably had a crush on you & was pretty offended the girl he had liked though he was gay lol.
    you should probably send him a long sorry letter and tell him you miss him and stuff

    • Thanks I'll see if I have the guts to! :)

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    • I hadn't realized you already chose that as most helpful opinion... way to go there.

    • @Lonewolf_1296 thanks, that's just what I needed to hear, from a guy! 😊

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  • He probably is, since he's still holding a fucking grudge over an assumption.

    • That's actually a pretty good point...

    • You mean he's mad because he's gay and someone asked if he's gay? I've never met a gay person who denied being gay. On the contrary, they may say yes with pride and sometimes pride and hostility and I ask just for the record.

      But ask a proud straight guy or just a guy if he's gay because you assume he is, it's very unlikely that he will take it nicely.

  • You screwed up badly. REALLY BADLY. I would consider not talking to that person again especially if it was a girl I liked.

  • Yeah he is mad. Super dumb thing to say. Good lesson


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  • He was most likely offended. In my opinion it's not wrong, it depends how the guy takes it. Everyone has different views, if you were told that someone thought you were lesbian, either you get offended or not - whether you take it seriously or not.