Do you think I deserved getting my ass beaten?

So this happened the last year in school. There was a girl who was really arrogant, hotheaded and thought she owned the place with her squad. I was recording the classroom (public school, no private property, %100 legal) at recess.

She was sitting by the windows when I pointed the phone there. She turned her head, saw me, got up snd started to walk really fast towards me. I made the mistake of keeping the camera towards her. She grabbed it without a word, I grabbed it back saying "WHAT ARE YOU DOING!" and then she shoved me into the ground & beat me to a pulp while people were watching and one guy recording with my phone, I don't know how he got it. I was pulling her hair with my whole weight the whole time. Finally someone pulled her from me. I told one of my friends to gather my stuff and bring them to the teacher's bathroom where I cried out of rage. She's a good girl, that Nisa.

And then my mom came, the little bitch lashed out on her too, we went to the ER then my mom sued her. Much later we dropped the case. One time her best friend came up to me with red eyes and said she'll show me what it means to make her friend go through "that" (legal process—apparently she was scared shitless). I asked for permission to go to the bathroom and called my mom. I was scared shitless too. Those varosh girls can kill you.

Anyways, who do you think was right?

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  • She is not allowed to attack you. It's acceptable for her to approach and ask you to please not record her but in this sceraio she is the attacker. You have right to defend. Anyway, you are the correct one in this case.


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  • get a baseball bat and break that bitches jaw. only way to deal with bullies. I know.


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  • There was no cause for that girl to get violent. That is inexcusable, for whatever reason. Let her friend know that if SHE tries anything, you will see HER in court as well, and this time you won't drop the case.

  • She's just a little bitch that's gonna get arrested some day. Don't u worry, she'll get what's coming


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