A part of me is really affraid I won't make new friends and that i'll be a loner for ever.. any advice?

so im a place right now where im not studying what i really wanted to study (but have to finish the semester) and i dont have friends that has the same interest in me. I have tried to eb mroe social, joing a volunteer group and even thought everyone i meet are very nice and stuff, i have problems connecting with them and making close friends.

So for a really long time i felt like a loser, like it was something wrong with me since nobody seemed to want to be my friend.. And i got a bi depressed.

I tol my sister about how i felt and she told me that i was a very "self harming" and negative way to think and that i have to conisder other factors too.. Its nots JUST my fault that i dont connect with people.. i can't control how other people are or think etc. She also said that i should just think that this is ust temporary, i had soem bad luck, but it is going to get better when i start a study i want to study where i can meet likminded people.

And eveyrthing she says make sense, and i dont feel as bad as i did.. But i still feel a bit embarassed by the fact that the only close friend i made is a 27 year old i have nothing in common with, that is also starting to annoy me lol

A part of me is really affraid i won't make new friends and that i'll be a loner for ever.. any advice?

I see my grammar mm its horrible. . Im so sorry lol


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  • I would gladly talk to you, I have been there myself. Message me


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  • I'll be your friend

    • No offence, but I want friends my own age and that I can hang out with irl

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    • You have to learn how to talk to people though. No matter the age. I was trying to help you but nvm

    • I am... talking to people online and irl is to completely different things.. I apprichiate your help

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