Someone please help, how do I get over my parinoia?

Hello everyone, I need some help and I have no where else to turn to. *PLEASE DON'T JUDGE OR SAY MEAN THINGS, IT TOOK A LOT TO TALK ABOUT THIS*

So I am having this MAJOR paranoia problem about getting pregnant (I'm only 16 almost 17, and I had a HORRIBLE sex ed teacher in middle school and we don't have sex ed in high school). Ever since me and my boyfriend of almost 9 months started dating, we have been SUPER careful about doing things that could result in pregnancy. We do have oral and dry sex, but we have never had real sex. I am on the pill as well, so I know that it should calm me down a little.

I am so paranoid all month that I am pregnant, almost every month even if I do get my period (they are normally short and light because of the birth control). Like when I see my heart beat in my stomach (idnk if it's normal or not but I am kinda skinny) or if I start to feel sick any time of the day, I automatically think I am pregnant. Like last month was the last time me and my boyfriend had dry sex and he didn't ejaculate, yet I was STILL parinoid!!!

Someone please help me, this is driving me crazy. Does anyone else have stuff like this or am I just crazy? please I'm begging you guys please help me.

Thank you xxxxx

***I should mention I do have a dignosed anxiety and panic disorder****


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  • I sometimes have these similar paranoia issues when it comes to pregnancy. If you haven't had sex you have like a 1% chance of getting pregnant, and when you do take that step I suggest using condoms as well as that makes me personally feel a lot safer than just being on the pill. Just remember these and try and reason with yourself. See if your boyfriend will help you too.

    By the way, feeling your heart beat in your stomach is normal. I used to be freaked out about it too.

    • thank you so much. My boyfriend always does help me with it (trust me, I put him trough alot)

      and I'm so happy someone else had the heart beat thing too. I have been freaking out about it so much because it was all over like in my abdomen and everywhere else but that makes me feel so much better. thank you

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    • I talk to my boyfriend, or my mom sometimes (though with her I just complain I haven't gotten mine yet since we get it around the same time) and other than that I try to reason with myself or think about other things

    • oh yeah my username is that-redhead-girl
      I think.

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  • Doesn't seem like you're ready to start doing those things.

  • seek therapy. no other way. you mustnt let it grow.


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  • I know you probably don't want to hear this but you should really sit down and talk with your mom

  • First of all you need to CALM DOWN! Anxiety is a terrible thing, you want to know something but you dont and your scared of whats going on when something probably isn't at all.
    As for having sex and being pregnant, you said your having your period and all things are fine with your body but anxiety can have an effect on the way your body works too.
    I also suffer from it and its horrible, i know how you feel, I've also had the same sort of worries and it difficult to shift. You feel like nobody can understand unless they are in the situation themselves and its hard to bring it up to anyone in conversation.
    What you need to do, which is a suggestion of mine is actually go and take a pregnancy test. Maybe to some reading this it sounds ridiculous but pregnant or not just for your own peace of mind do it so you can finally close that book on this issue and move all you anxieties about it away. Having evidence that your all OK will have a great positive effect on you. You'll calm down enormously and you'll realise there was nothing at all to worry about.
    As for feeling sick then again thats also an effect of being anxious over something your getting yourself worked up about it and your body is suffering for it. Go take that test! Its time to move on and start feeling better about yourself and concentrate on your relationship. You dont want this to effect anything else in your life. Trust me i know.