I worry too much, how do I become my old bubbly, happy self again?

Hello all and thanks for reading my story/question. (if you wanna skip the story, the bottom line is my question)

Lately I've had some changes in my life (different job, that cuts a lot of my free time, social life and when I see my boyfriend, long hours and it's very far from home) that got me quite stressed and worried. I worried mostly about the impact of this on my relationship. Because of this stress I haven't been my fun self lately and I feel kinda guilty towards my boyfriend. He understands and doesn't think I've changed, he's very understanding. Now I know it will all fall into place and things will get better, but I miss my old fun, bubbly self, the person my boyfriend fell in love with.

So my question is: when you're stressed and worried, how do you set it aside long term and become your old self again?


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  • Me personally... If this job were causing the type of change in me that you mentioned and adding that much stress on my life and relationship it would have to go. I have worked jobs much like this that produced a better payday than the job I presently have but if it sucks the joy out of life then all Thad left is the paycheck , very unfair and unacceptable trade for me

    • It's mostly the distance between home and work (for me as well as my boyfriend, he works far away too) that's causing me to worry. We have the same job, just in different places, and worked long and hard to get it. I do think we have a minimum time to work there before we can quit but I told him if our job has too much of an impact on us, I'm leaving the job.

    • Few things in life are worth giving up your happiness for.. In all honesty I'll take that back , nothing in this life is worth your happiness. Sure a lower paying job doesn't give you all the comforts most like ; I say that a lower paying job can provide these thing provided one can be patient and wait just a little longer. Give it a bit longer and see if thing do fall into place as you said. If not you know there are alternatives

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  • Pray to God and give Him your worries. That's what helps me find joy in life and be truly happy. I go to God with my anxiety, worries, and fears. And He honestly does take them away and plants calmness and genuine happiness in my heart.


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  • Good to hear you again :D
    What I usually do is sit down for a moment and make myself a to do list or a planning.
    I think in your case the most important thing is to be realistic... no double planning or you'll continue to load up with stress.
    Try to plan at least a few hours of quality time for the two of you. Being together for some nice talking and cuddling will give you a better feeling :D


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