Are you feeling sad or lonely right now?

If you are, please read. I'm writing this laying in my bed alone. It's raining outside, and i just left my girlfriend at her place, where her stupid mother spends the day putting her down for absolutely no rational reason. She is beautiful, smart, has the biggest heart i know, yet she gets shit from her family every single day. My dad is a drunk, my mother died when i was 15. I'm in a long distance relationship, so tomorrow i'm leaving again and i won't be seeing my lovely girl this year anymore. My 8 year old brother had his birthday yesterday and he cried of happiness when he got a Benfica shirt (his favourite football/soccer team). He got bullied a lot (not anymore, i literally scared those little bullies to death so they won't touch him anymore) so i've only see him cry of sadness. I still have goosebumps thinking about it. Last week a friend of mine died in a car accident. She left a whole town crying at her memorial. I have a very annoying cold and feel like horse shit. My point is, life is full of crap. But i like to think i'm not alone on this one. If you are feeling bad, please tell me, i'm here for you if you are here for me. Some people can bring us down, bad things also happen randomly all the time, but this makes me stronger. Doens't it make you? Don't feel down, get up and keep going. YOU matter. I don't know you but for me, you do matter. Why the hell would i be writing this if you didn't? Smile, get up and make me proud, beautiful person.


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  • i feel empthy


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